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The Achievement and Future of China Space Transportation System
QIN Xudong, LONG Lehao, RONG Yi
2016, 3(4): 315-322. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2016.04.003
Abstract(6880) HTML (185) PDF 7303KB(7681)
Technology Roadmap for Chang'E Program
PEI Zhaoyu, WANG Qiong, TIAN Yaosi
2015, 2(2): 99-110. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.02.001
Abstract(4971) PDF 1319KB(3029)
Research on Optimal Deorbit Guidance Method for Mars Exploration
TENG Rui, HAN Hongwei, QIAO Dong
2020, 7(2): 184-190. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2020.20190315001
Abstract(4854) HTML (61) PDF 830KB(43)
Radio Science Experiments in Chang’e Series Missions
PING Jinsong, WANG Mingyuan, ZHANG Sujun, JIAN Nianchuan, WANG Zhen, YAN Jianguo, MENG Qiao, CHEN Congyan, XI Yuhao, TANG Jife, ZHANG Tianyi, LI Wenxiao, ZHANG Hongbo, WANG Min
2014, 1(3): 192-199. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2014.03.005
Abstract(4749) PDF 2611KB(1872)
Analysis of Key Technologies for Unmanned Mars Sample Return Mission
MENG Linzhi, DONG Jie, XU Yingqiao, WANG Shuo
2016, 3(2): 114-120,128. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2016.02.003
Abstract(4742) HTML (124) PDF 16718KB(1289)
Development of Deep Space Exploration and Its Future Key Technologies
WU Weiren, YU Dengyun
2014, 1(1): 5-17.
Abstract(4515) PDF 4795KB(3023)
Review for New Horizon Mission to the Pluto and Kuiper Belt
ZHENG Yongchun, HU Guoping
2015, 2(1): 3-9. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.01.001
Abstract(4209) PDF 1028KB(2464)
Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Algorithm for SINS/CNS Integrated Navigation System
FAN Shuangfei, ZHAO Fangfang, LI Xiajing, TANG Zhongliang, HE Wei
2014, 1(4): 275-281. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2014.04.005
Abstract(4189) PDF 1453KB(1814)
Identification and Geological Evolution of Hydrated Minerals at Holden and Jezero Impact Craters Mars Using MRO CRISM Hyperspectral Data
YANG Yi, JIN Shuanggen, XUE Yansong
2016, 3(2): 187-194. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2016.02.015
Abstract(4044) HTML (83) PDF 26314KB(1094)
Design of Chang'E-4 Lunar Farside Soft-Landing Mission
WU Weiren, WANG Qiong, TANG Yuhua, YU Guobin, LIU Jizhong, ZHANG Wei, NING Yuanming, LU Liangliang
2017, 4(2): 111-117. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2017.02.002
Abstract(4039) HTML (97) PDF 6604KB(3262)
The Status of NASA Mars 2020 Rover Landing Site Selection and Some Thoughts on the Landing Part of China 2020 Mars Mission
YE Binlong, ZHAO Jiannan, HUANG Jun
2017, 4(4): 310-324. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2017.04.002
Abstract(3765) HTML (79) PDF 5694KB(1954)
A Pinpoint Autonomous for Navigation and Hazard Avoidance Method Lunar Soft Landing
WANG Datie, LI Ji, HUANG Xiangyu, ZHANG Honghua
2014, 1(1): 44-51.
Abstract(3692) PDF 1757KB(1773)
An Overall Scenario for Manned Asteroid Exploration
ZHOU Bilei, LU Xi, YOU Wei
2015, 2(1): 43-47. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.01.006
Abstract(3532) PDF 1004KB(1922)
The Development Process and Prospects for Mars Exploration
YU Dengyun, SUN Zezhou, MENG Linzhi, SHI Dong
2016, 3(2): 108-113. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2016.02.002
Abstract(3497) HTML (135) PDF 6212KB(2690)
Three-Dimensional Analytical Model for Mars Atmospheric Density
QIN Tong, WANG Shuo, GAO Ai, ZHU Shengying, CUI Pingyuan
2014, 1(2): 117-122.
Abstract(3433) PDF 5278KB(2596)
Time Stamped States based Heuristic Algorithm for Spacecraft Mission Planning
LI Zhaoyu, XU Rui
2015, 2(1): 20-26. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.01.003
Abstract(3409) PDF 727KB(1951)
Application Scheme of Ion Electric Propulsion System for Main-Belt Asteroid Sample and Return Mission
YANG Fuquan, ZHAO Yide, LI Juan, GENG Hai, ZHANG Tianping, ZHOU Haiyan
2015, 2(2): 168-173. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.02.011
Abstract(3384) PDF 707KB(1459)
Autonomous Navigation and Guidance for Change-3 Soft Landing
HUANG Xiangyu, ZHANG Honghua, WANG Datie, LI Ji, GUAN Yifeng, WANG Pengji
2014, 1(1): 52-59.
Abstract(3358) PDF 1413KB(1462)
Research on GEO Satellite Station Keeping Method Using Electric Propulsion
LIU Yuxin, SHANG Haibin, WANG Shuai
2015, 2(1): 80-87. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.01.012
Abstract(3307) PDF 1576KB(2569)
Relativistic Transformation between the Proper Time τ and TCG for Mars Missions
PAN Junyang, XIE Yi
2015, 2(1): 69-74. doi: 10.15982/j.issn.2095-7777.2015.01.010
Abstract(3290) PDF 981KB(1728)
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