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Journal of Committee of Deep Space Exploration Technology, Chinese Society of Astronautics(CDSET-CSA)

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Release Date: 2020-08-05 Visited: 

Manuscript Content

The journal includes four categories as follows

1) Review: Summary, generalization, evaluation and guiding reviews on cutting-edge issues, essential technological breakthroughs and hotspots in the field of deep space exploration, including the latest innovative, important and breakthrough theoretical progress and experimental results, as well as the development trend, direction and existing problems.

2) Topic: Articles aiming at a specific field, a specific direction or focusing on a class of problems of deep space exploration, including 1 to 2 review articles and 4 to 6 research papers (including 2 to 3 overseas authors' papers).

3) Article: Original papers focusing on scientific and technological issues in deep space exploration and entailing scientific principles, novel methods, reliable materials, sufficient tests, reliable data, clear results, in-depth analysis, significant academic merit, concise words, and clear charts.

4) News: Information reports reflecting frontier developments in the field of deep space exploration, including project implementations, spacecraft launching, key technological breakthroughs, academic conferences and so forth. 

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