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Requirements of Submission

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Title and all levels of headings are generally not more than 20 words, avoiding the use of non-public knowledge, common acronyms, code and so on.

Full name about author and department, city、zip code have been included. Please mark with the corresponding author’s in number at the top right. Such as: CHUN Yu1, DONG Xiaoxue2(1 Beijing Institute of Technology. Science and Technology University, Beijing 100081, China; 2. Engineering Thermal Physics Institute, Beijing 100080). Please mark the name, date of birth, gender, title, degree, E-mail address at the foot of the page)

Grant Project Funded projects shall be given to the article page indicating the name of fund project standard foundation, and the item number in the brackets.

Abstract : It should include title and author name (the last name locates the first place, and the first and middle name locate the second place), full name (they should be complete and official name, generally do not initials), abstract and keywords.

Keywords Each article includes 3~5 words which indicate the content clearly.

Chinese Library Classification Please check the Chinese library classification (4th edition).

Main body. Main body is generally 5000-10000 words (note the space, occupying the chart). While the content have been innovative, rigorous argument, the statement fluent, refining the text.

Chiang Kai-shek, italics, boldface characters usage:

(1) Italics. Variable italics indicate with the single letters, subscript will indicate with the italics if the subscript convert by the variable.

(2) Positive body. subscript which is conversated by the text characters is used Positive body; so do units, prefix, such as nm, pF and the like; several special constants is the positive body, such as e, i, π, etc.

(3) Blackbody. Matrix, vector are shown in bold.

Graphics Requirements

Figure in all the lines, the text must be drawn in black; the figures are not allowed to have the background.

Lines in the figure are clear, uniform.

Crude coordinate line is 0.5 pounds, curve width is the width of the coordinates of the line three times.

Figure tick evenly spaced.

Notice: Paper illustrations should be inserted in vector format word (except photographs), do not use paper illustration: * Jpg, * tif, * bmp, * png, * gif and other formats, these formats can not be edited. Original mapping software can save (or output, or Save As) vector formats such as: Illustrator (... * Ai, * eps, * PDF), Matlab (... * Fig, * ai), AutoCAD (* dwg.), origin (*. opj, *. ai), Office Visio (*. vsd), Excel, *. emf, and so on. (Also, do not use the software to convert vector formats * .jpg format, such as maps, conversion does not make sense.)

Figure caption should have the appropriate translations.

Form requirements: Three-line table has been applied, including Header, variable symbol / unit, as the following example:

x/cm I/mA v/(m·s-1) h/m   p/MPa
10 30 2.5 4 110

Reference point of view from others, shall appear in the body according to the order listed in the text, the text should be noted with "[ID]" in the upper right corner of the note. The author of the citation is subject to a maximum of 3, and the other is the etc.


For journal articles

[1] Hearst M A, Schölkopf B, Dumais S, et al. Trends and controversies – support vector machines [J]. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 1998, 13(4):18-28.

For proceedings

[2] Burges C J C. Geometry and invariance in kernel based methods [C]//Burges C, Smola A. Advance in Kernel Methods—Support Vector Learning. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999.

For whole books/monographs

[3] Schölkopf B, Burges C J C, Smola A J. Advances in kernel methods – support vector learning [M]. Cambridge,MA: MIT Press, 1999.

[4] Eric C. Hacker’s attack analyze and defense [M]. Su Lei, transl. Beijing: Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2002.

For theses

[5] Jia Yubin. A study on micro quartz angular rate sensor [D]. Beijing: Department of Optical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 1999.

For reports

[6] Swanson R S, Musa S. The estimation of obstacle and terrain clobber probabilities, AIAA 75-1118[R]. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press, 1975.

For patents

[7] White S A. Tracking filter and quadrature-phase reference generator: US, 123456[P]. 1996-01-13.

For standards

[8] China National Standardization Committee. GB 736.8-90, Method of initiating explosive device test, accelerated life test, method of the test at 71℃ [S].Beijing: China Standardization Press, 1990.

Electronic documents (on-line)

[9] Chang C C, Lin C J. LIBSVM: a library for support vector machines [EB/OL]. (2001-06-19) [2002-03-10].

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