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Guidelines for Contributors

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Release Date: 2020-08-05 Visited: 

Guidelines for Contributors

1.1 Guidelines for authors

1) The paper is based on the original research work of the listed authors;

2) The manuscript accurately reflects scientific results;

3) All of the authors have made meaningful contributions to the concept, design, execution or interpretation of the research work;

4) Each person who has made a meaningful contribution to the research work is given an opportunity to affix his or her name to the paper;

5) All of the authors are aware of and agree to the submission of the manuscript;

6) The manuscript has not been published, and is not now and will not be under consideration by another journal while it is considered here unless it is sent back;

7) The authors accept the established procedures for selecting manuscripts and the editing of the manuscript;

8) All of the research data in this manuscript is true and reliable;

9) There is no academic misconduct.

1.2 Guidelines for corresponding authors

1) Corresponding authors should ensure all listed authors have received the manuscript and agreed to the submission of it before submission;

2) Corresponding authors should ensure they receive emails from peer review and editors.

3) Corresponding authors should verify that all contents of the manuscript are in line with the relevant conditions in the field;

4) Corresponding authors should ensure the original data/material/code of the manuscript is kept for reanalysis;

5) The content related to the experimental equipment/data/material/code presented in the manuscript is based on actual scientific research.

Any change of authorship and identity after submission must be approved by all original authors in written form.





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