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Qualification Requirements and Work Norms for Editors

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Release Date: 2020-08-05 Visited: 

Qualification Requirements and Work Norms for Editors

Editors are core staff of the editorial office, and the work quality of editors directly affects the publication and academic quality of journals. This journal requires that editors hold medium-grade titles or above of Professional Qualifications of Technicians in the Publication Profession, are registered as "editor in charge" in National Press and Publication Administration, and participate in the annual training of continuing education for publication profession.

During work, editors shall comply with the following work norms:

1) Be responsible for each process of receiving manuscripts, peer review, manuscript revision, text editing, typing, composing, and publishing;

2) Fill in a corresponding form for the manuscript with conflicts of interest and then submit the form to the journal management department which makes an assessment and gives a decision on whether to avoid taking charge of the paper;

3) Treat each manuscript fairly based on its academic value, and avoid discriminating, misleading, partiality, or taking a bribe.

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