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Contents and Style of Submission

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Release Date: 2019-12-09 Visited: 

Article:Original papers focused on scientific and technological issues in deep space exploration, which is required that experimental principle requires novel scientific approach  credible material 、reliable data, definite results、significant academic value, clear graphics and table. The word number is 5000-10000 words, the references are not less than 20.

Review:Summary, generalization, evaluation and guiding reviews on cutting-edge issues, essential technological breakthroughs and hotspots. It should include the latest innovative, importance, groundbreaking theoretical developments and experimental results, and trends, directions, problems. References should include the literatures from Domestic and abroad, reflecting the research results of others.

This section requires that the first author is senior researcher, article length is 10,000 words or more, literatures are at  least 70.

Note: Research essays simply expounding the academic progress in the field of deep space exploration. Points are clear, methods are specific and conclusions are credible. This column is under the 5,000 words, at least 10 references.

News: Informational reports reflecting frontier developments in the field of deep space exploration, including project implementations, spacecraft launching, key technological breakthroughs, academic conferences and so forth. Reflecting the deep space exploration, including project implementation, spacecraft, breakthroughs in key technologies, and other important academic meeting forefront of developments and progress report messages (200-300 words).

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