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Submission Guidelines

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Welcome to submit the article to the Journal of Deep Space Exploration. Please submit the article according to the following steps to deal with the manuscript successfully.

1.Please read the agreements carefully. Do the next step if you understand and agree that the content of the agreement.

2.Please download the format and the document templates, etc., whether the manuscript meets the requirements of the journal.

3.Please be sure to include full contact the author addresses, telephone or E-mail and other relevant information. Each article has at least one contributing author and corresponding author, who can be held by the same person.

4.Please recommend four reviewers who are not to focus on one or two units, when you submit the article recommended not to focus on one or two units. The email must be included.

5.Please download the signature in paper, and finish the procedures, then submit the signature to the editorial department, if the first author is the teacher or student from BIT.

Contribute to comply with the above steps contributions, we will have a trial as soon as possible and using the “CNKI academic misconduct detection system” to detect your manuscript, such as your manuscript conform to the requirements (with existing has published articles key words the coincidence rate of 15% or less). We will send “accept draft letter” to the author, at the same time inform the manuscript draft number. Your manuscript will formally be reviewing. Please don't submit the paper again, in order to avoid submitting repeatedly in the registration.

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