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Editorial Board

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The Institutes and Research Fields of Editorial Members are Extensive and Diversified

There are 70 editorial members from core sciences and technologies of aerospace whose institutes are from different regions of China and other countrys, and we have been trying to increase the  international editorial board in recent years.

Editorial Board:

Chief adviser:

En-jie Luan

State Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defence,China


Shan-yi DU        China Aerospace Scienceand Technology Corporation,China

Bao-yan DUAN        Xidian University,China

Hai-yan HU        Beijing Institute of Technology,China        

Li-heng WANG        China Aerospace Scienceand Technology Corporation,China

Pei-jian YE        China Academy of Space Technology,China

Lv-qian ZHANG       China Aerospace Scienceand Technology Corporation,China


Wei-ren WU        Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center,China

Editorial board Members:

Professor  Andrew  Aldrin

Sensor application technology

University of Florida, U.S.

Professor  Antonella  Barucci

Space Science

LESIA–Observatory of PARIS, France

Professor  He-xi  BAOYIN

Space Systems Engineering, Interstellar Mission Analysis, Satellite Control, Nonlinear Dynamics

Inner Mongolia University, China

Professor  Jie  CHEN

Multi-index Optimization, Multi-objective Decision and Control of Complex System

Tongji University, China

Professor  Xiao-qian  CHEN

Aircraft Overall Design

National Innovation Institute of Defense Technology, AMS, China

Professor  Lei  CONG

Publishing Science 

Beijing Institute of Technology Press, China  

Professor  Hu-tao  CUI

Deep Space Autonomous Navigation, Trajectory Design, Systematic Design

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Ping-yuan  CUI

Spacecraft Navigation Guidance and Control, Orbit Design and Optimization of Deep Space Probe

School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Chun-ping  FAN

Science Communication, Environmental Education, High Engineering Education, Publishing Theory and Practice

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Academician  Jian-cheng  FANG

Spacecraft attitude control maglev inertial actuators and inertial navigation

Beihang University, China

Professor  Lei  GAO

navigation, guidance and control

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

Professor  Hu-jun  GENG

spaceflight test control

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China

Professor  Lei  GUO

Uncertain and Stochastic System Control Theory, High Precision Navigation and Control System Technology

Beihang University, China

Professor  Xiao-yu  HONG

VLBI Deep Space Exploration and Satellite Orbit Measurement, Precision Rail Measurement Technology, VLBI Radio Astronomy

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Professor Jun Hu

Aerodynamic design theory and method of aircraft

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Jiang-chuan  HUANG

Aircraft overall design

China Academy of Space Technology, China

Professor  Xiang-yu  HUANG

Autonomous Navigation and Guidance Theory of Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft and Design of GNC System

Beijing Institute of Control Engineering, China

Professor  Jean-Pierre  Barriot

The University of Bologna, France

Academician  Hui-lin  JIANG

Space Photoelectric Technology and Optical Design

Changchun University of Science and Technology, China

Professor  Shengyuan  JIANG

Sampling and Detection of Extraterrestrial Objects and Design of New Concept Detector

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Chun-lai  LI

Planetary Science, Astrolithology, Planetary Remote Sensing

National Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Professor  Dong  LI

Overall design of launch vehicle

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

Engineer  Guo-ping  LI 

State Administration of Science, China

Professor  Hai-tao  LI

Overall Design of Deep Space Measurement And Control

Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology, China

Professor  Jun-feng  LI

Deep Space Exploration, Satellite Formation Flying, Sloshing of Liquid-Filled Spacecraft

Tsinghua University, China

Professor  Ming  LI  

China Academy of Space Technology, China

Spacecraft Overall Design

Professor  Shuang  LI

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, New Concepts of Deep Space Exploration and Space Technology

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Professor  Yan-hua  LI

Space TT & C Communication

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

Professor  Hong  LIU

Life support and Biosafety in Special Environment

Beihang University, China

Professor  JI-zhong  LIU

Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center, China

Professor  Zhi-fu  LUO

Isotopic electricity / heat source

China Institute of Atomic Energy, China

Professor  Guang-fu  MA

Optimal Control Nonlinear Control Robust Control Spacecraft Attitude, Orbital Dynamics and Control, Spacecraft Formation Flight Dynamics and Control Of Deep Space Probe

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Mao-lin  NI

space control

Journal of Astronautics, China

Professor  Xiao-lin  NING

Spacecraft Navigation Guidance and Control, Deep Space Probe Autonomous Navigation

Beihang University, China

Professor  Qi-liang  RONG

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Professor  Zhao-yu  PEI

Space mission Master Design, Space Project Management

Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center, China

Professor  Bei  PENG

Electronic Mechanical Engineering

Xidian University, China

Associate Professor  Jin-jun  SHAN

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

York University, Canada

Professor  Wei  SHAO

Autonomous Navigation for Deep Space Exploration, Machine Vision

Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China

Professor  Lin  SHEN

Aircraft Overall Design

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

Professor  Wei-Hua  SHI

General Technology of Space TT&C Communication

Southwest China Institute of Electronic Technology, China

Professor  Ze-zhou  SUN

Spacecraft Overall Design

China Academy of Space Technology, China

Professor  Li-ying  TAN

Optical Communication Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Xiao-min  TAN

Design of Satellite Radar System

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

Professor  Shuo  TAN

Aircraft Design, Navigation, Guidance And Control, Flight Simulation

Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Professor  Yu-hua  TAN

Overall Technology of Lunar Exploration Project, Organization and Management of Major Projects

Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center, China

Professor  Biao  WANG

Mesomechanics,Physical Mechanics of Nanomaterials, Photoelectric Functional Material Mechanics

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Academician  Chi  WANG

Space Physics, Space Weather, Magnetosphere Physics, Heliospheric Physics

National Space Science Center,CAS, China

Professor  Da-yi  WANG

Autonomous Guidance, Navigation and Control, Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control of Spacecraft

China Academy of Space Technology, China

Professor  Ke WU

Spacecraft Overall Design

China Academy of Space Technology, China

Academician  Wei-ren  WU

Overall Design of TT&C Communication and Deep Space Exploration Engineering

Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center, China

Professor  Zhi-gang  WU

Aircraft Dynamics and Control, Robust Control and Optimal Control Theory Algorithm and Application

Dalian University of Technology, China

Professor  Zhi-jun  WEI

Solid Rocket Motor Theory and Technology, Solid Fuel Scramjet, Solid Fuel Combustion Theory and Combustion Control Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Professor   Bo  XU

Aerospace Dynamics and Control

Nanjing University, China

Professor  Qing  XU

Digital Photogranunetry, Deep Space Surveying and Mapping, Visualization of Spatial Data

Information Engineering University, China

Associate Professor  Rui  XU

Deep Space Probes Operate Autonomously, Autonomous Mission Planning for Deep Space Probes,Deep Space Probe Autonomous Navigation

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Professor  Jun  YAN


National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of sciences, China

Professor  Hong  YANG

Manned Space Planetary Protection

China Manned Space Engineering Office, China

Professor  Xiao-bo  YANG

Signal Processing in Communication and Radar

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Professor  Da-ren  YU

Aerospace Vehicle Design, Automatic Control Technology Of Inspiratory Engine And Power System

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Academician  Deng-yun  YU

Spacecraft Dynamics and Overall Design Techniques

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

Professor  Yong  YU

Radar Signal Processing

Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry, China

Professor  Zhi-jian  YU

TT & C Communication

Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China

Professor  He  ZHANG

Spacecraft Overall Design, Spacecraft Dynamics

China Academy of Space Technology, China

Professor  Wei  ZHANG

Spacecraft Overall Design, Spacecraft Navigation, Guidance and Control

Shanghai Institute of Satellite Engineering, China

Professor  Jian-hua  ZHENG

Aircraft Dynamics Control and Simulation, Autonomous Navigation and Control of Aircraft

National Space Science Center,CAS, China

Professor  JIAN-liang  ZHOU

Space TT & C

Beijing Aerospace Control Center, China

Professor  Qiu-gang  ZONG

Magnetosphere Physics, Astrometeorology, Space Exploration

Peking University, China

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