Volume 6,Issue 3,2019 Table of Contents

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Topic:Orbit Determination and Control Technology for Deep Space Exploration

A Summary of Orbit Determination Techndogy for Chinese Lunar Exploration Project
  DUAN Jianfeng, ZHANG Yu, CAO Jianfeng, CHEN Lue, CHEN Ming and XIE Jianfeng
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Review of the Orbit Maneuver Technology for Chinese Deep Space Exploration Missions
  CHEN Lidan, XIE Jianfeng, LIU Yong and CHEN Ming
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Same-Beam-Interferometry-Based Spatial 3-D Relative Position Measurement
  REN Tianpeng, GAO Yunpeng, XIE Jianfeng and DU Lan
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A Novel Method of Radio Interferometry Based on Fusion Processing of Explorer Downlink Signal
  LU Weitao, XIE Jianfeng, REN Tianpeng and HAN Songtao
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A Method of Ionosphere Delay Calibration in Real-Time Deep Space Interferometric Tracking
  HAN Songtao, XIE Jianfeng, WANG Mei and LI Li
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Open Loop Velocity Measurement Scheme Design and Verification of Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite
  CHEN Lue, XIE Jianfeng, HAN Songtao, CAO Jianfeng and PING Jinsong
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A Simulation Study of the Orbit Determination Ability for Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite——Magpie Bridge Under Dual-Station Tracking Mode
  CAO Jianfeng, CHEN Lue, DONG Weihua, DUAN Jianfeng, HAN Songtao and ZHANG Yu
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Orbit Determination and Analysis of Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite on Mission Orbit
  DUAN Jianfeng, LI Xie, LI Cuilan and WANG Zhaokui
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Analysis on the Orbit Determination of Longjiang-2 Lunar Microsatellite
  OUYANG Qi and NIU Dongwen
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Flight Formation Control in Lunar Highly Elliptical Orbit Based on Rendezvous Mode
  LI Gefei, SHENG Qingxuan and LIU Yong
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Emergent Orbit Maneuver Strategies Design of Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite
  MA Chuanling, LIU Yong, LIANG Weiguang and ZHANG Yao
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Study on Halo Orbit Design Under High Precision Model
  CAO Pengfei, LI Weiguo, WANG Junyan and LI Haiyang
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Autonomous Navigation for Precise Landing on Small Celestial Body Based on Improved Nonlinear Predictive Filter
  JI Hongxia, ZONG Hong and HUANG Xiangyu
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An Autonomous Celestial Navigation Method for Deep Space Probe Based on Coplanar Constraint Aided Measurement
  MA Xin, NING Xiaolin, LIU Jin and LIU Gang
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