Volume 6,Issue 3,2019 Table of Contents

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Topic:Orbit Determination and Control Technology for Deep Space Exploration

A Summary of Orbit Determination Techndogy for Chinese Lunar Exploration Project
  DUAN Jianfeng, ZHANG Yu, CAO Jianfeng, CHEN Lue, CHEN Ming and XIE Jianfeng
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Review of the Orbit Maneuver Technology for Chinese Deep Space Exploration Missions
  CHEN Lidan, XIE Jianfeng, LIU Yong and CHEN Ming
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Same-Beam-Interferometry-Based Spatial 3-D Relative Position Measurement
  REN Tianpeng, GAO Yunpeng, XIE Jianfeng and DU Lan
  Abstract(93)  View PDF(73)
A Novel Method of Radio Interferometry Based on Fusion Processing of Explorer Downlink Signal
  LU Weitao, XIE Jianfeng, REN Tianpeng and HAN Songtao
  Abstract(89)  View PDF(88)
A Method of Ionosphere Delay Calibration in Real-Time Deep Space Interferometric Tracking
  HAN Songtao, XIE Jianfeng, WANG Mei and LI Li
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Open Loop Velocity Measurement Scheme Design and Verification of Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite
  CHEN Lue, XIE Jianfeng, HAN Songtao, CAO Jianfeng and PING Jinsong
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A Simulation Study of the Orbit Determination Ability for Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite——Magpie Bridge Under Dual-Station Tracking Mode
  CAO Jianfeng, CHEN Lue, DONG Weihua, DUAN Jianfeng, HAN Songtao and ZHANG Yu
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Orbit Determination and Analysis of Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite on Mission Orbit
  DUAN Jianfeng, LI Xie, LI Cuilan and WANG Zhaokui
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Analysis on the Orbit Determination of Longjiang-2 Lunar Microsatellite
  OUYANG Qi and NIU Dongwen
  Abstract(81)  View PDF(776)
Flight Formation Control in Lunar Highly Elliptical Orbit Based on Rendezvous Mode
  LI Gefei, SHENG Qingxuan and LIU Yong
  Abstract(82)  View PDF(81)
Emergent Orbit Maneuver Strategies Design of Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite
  MA Chuanling, LIU Yong, LIANG Weiguang and ZHANG Yao
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Study on Halo Orbit Design Under High Precision Model
  CAO Pengfei, LI Weiguo, WANG Junyan and LI Haiyang
  Abstract(88)  View PDF(90)
Autonomous Navigation for Precise Landing on Small Celestial Body Based on Improved Nonlinear Predictive Filter
  JI Hongxia, ZONG Hong and HUANG Xiangyu
  Abstract(88)  View PDF(73)
An Autonomous Celestial Navigation Method for Deep Space Probe Based on Coplanar Constraint Aided Measurement
  MA Xin, NING Xiaolin, LIU Jin and LIU Gang
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