About the Journal

Journal of Deep Space Exploration(JDSE), a Bimonthly publication founded in 2014, is directed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and is jointly sponsored by Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) and Committee of Deep space exploration Technology, Chinese Society of Astronautics(CDSET-CSA).

JDSE is an international peer received journal to promote the development of deep space exploration, and it is devoted to the applications of novel Scientific and technological breakthroughs, as well as current polices, trends and progress of scientific researches.

Topics included: Strategies and tasks of deep space exploration to the Moon and beyond, overall design, navigation and control, communication and telemetry, propulsion and energy, scientific payload and scientific detection, and so forth. In addition, this publishes up-to-date information of project implementation, spacecraft launching, academic conferences and significant advances.

The journal includes four categories as follows:

1. Article: Original papers focused on scientific and technological issues in deep space exploration

2.Review:Summary,generalization,evaluation and guiding reviews on cutting-edge issues, essential technological breakthroughs and hotspots.

3.Note:Research essays simply expounding the academic progress in the field of deep space exploration.

4.News:Information reports reflecting frontier developments in the field of deep space exploration, including project implementations, spacecraft launching, key technological breakthrough ,academic conferences and so forth.